Monday 5 Yoga Loves

1. 30 Days of Yoga! : Today marks the last day of the 30 day yoga challenge. I think fulfilling a self-promise, like going to a yoga class everyday for 30 days, is truly one of the most rewarding things you can do. It is easy to feel good when you fulfill someone else’s needs, but when you give yourself something it seems to resonate deeper. We are always doing things for other people, for companies, for children, for spouses, for significant others… ah! the list goes on forever. When do we take time for ourselves and our own needs? The truth… not often enough. That’s why this type of challenge is so good. It addresses physical, emotional, spiritual needs that are all too often not met. Much like running a marathon, attempting a triathlon, hiking a mountain, … anything! Streaks rock and this one was absolutely fantastic!

2. MindBodyGreen: this website. Seriously, how I did not know about it before hand is kind of bonkers. Now that I am privy to this information, I’m completely obsessed. If you like it, too, follow them on Facebook! I love their updates!

3. Yogini Straight Up… Gone Gluten Free!: Kristin, from the blog Yogini Straight Up, recently went gluten-free. This is something I really admire, because I think carbohydrates (especially in the form of breads, pastas, etc.) are WAY over pushed in our society. I do not have celiacs disease, but the way it is spreading in this country leads me to believe that gluten is not all it’s cracked up to be. Also, after my 21 day Cleanse, I noticed that breads and wheat sat really heavy in stomach and caused a lot of digestive hysteria really quickly. I am not ready to go gluten-free, but I am interested in learning more about a gluten-free diet, so I found this blog timely and interesting. I even went ahead and picked up a loaf of Udi’s Sandwich Bread (made with Tapioca Flour). I think lessening my gluten intake is the first step in feeling healthy.

4. Plank: I saw this video on The Reluctant Yogi’s page and died. Seriously, it is crazy inspirational. Also inspirational… these muscles…. I intend to use this video as inspiration to build these up a little more so I can attempt an actual arm balance.

me attempting a head stand… to no avail. but I did discover these muscles in the attempt… WIN! Photo Courtesy of Miss Julie Sherwood 


5. Yoga Family: I think the phrase says it all, but after tonight’s practice and the end-of-the-challenge yoga party, I am so crazy thankful for the friends I have made through yoga. Never have I felt more inspired to do what I love and at the same time so incredibly uplifted by and entire community to go out and do it. I love them all! Namaste my friends :)

6 thoughts on “Monday 5 Yoga Loves

  1. You want to set up more strongly using your arm’s. Here your neck has no support. You forearms should be in beside your ears, bring the elbows in too. Creating a strong foundation is definitely the key to a good headstand, by making the most of the muscles in your upper body you take a lot of stress off the head and neck – I sometimes practice headstand with my head lightly resting on the ground but mostly pushing up through my arms. Sorry – hard to explain through an message. I just got down on the office floor in attempt to visualize how to explain it better :)

    • haha thanks! I was trying really hard, but the core and arm strength is not there completely. I did have my head lifted ever so slightly off the mat (I try to be as gentle as possible with my neck region) but yeah… it needs a lot of work…

  2. what did you think of the udi’s? acquired taste? i think you’re on the right track! :) i’m glad that you have a greater awareness and are limiting the amount of gluten in your life! less is still better :)

    • the bread was actually really delicious! I was not expecting to like it in any way but I could eat that as my sandwich bread any time! I think I will give the bagels a shot eventually. :) thanks for the tip!!

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