Monday 5: Yoga Loves

my yoga journal!

1. A Yoga Journal: No, not the Yoga Journal (but no disrespect as I do love browsing through the articles in an old edition). I am talking about a personal yoga journal.  I have one that I use for a myriad of different things. I have quotes from yoga books, cut-outs of fun yoga gear, and, as you can see in the above photo, a log of my practice. This particular log was new-ish when I took the photo, but it is filling up nicely. I count my home practices and my in-class practices. I find that I am doing more and more home practices because I love the feeling of putting a new dash on this paper! At the end of the month, I add up the number of days, convert that number into dollars (1 practice = 1 dollar) and put that much towards my YTT piggy bank! Incentive and growth through practice. Om.

2.Yoga Assists: One thing that I can’t always get in a home practice is a yoga assist. Last week my wonderful yoga teacher, Kathleen, assisted several of my postures on different occasions, and the space that I was not tapping into felt immense! It also felt really, really good.

3. San Francisco… they know what’s up: I am going to make sure that any time I travel, I have to fly through SFO. No. Matter. What. By the way, this would have done me and my husband wonders when we flew to Italy during the blizzard of 2010… 4 days in JFK? No joke.

4. Music: I don’t know why, but when I walk into the MSY studio and Bon Iver is playing… I just know it’s going to be a great practice. At home I listen to a lot of different genres depending on my mood. Usually I listen to pretty traditional yoga music (Satyajit Ray, Kalyani & Anandji, Shankar Jaikishan, or the soundtrack to The Darjeeling Limited) but sometimes I really like John Lennon, Bret Dennen, Mason Jennings, … the list goes on. They set the tone and then I take over.

5. How to Roll a Yoga Mat: You would think that it’s a no-brainer, but nothing can annoy me more during my yoga practice than to have one end up my mat trying to roll back up…. funny and educational. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

So I realize that I am going from one Monday 5 to another. I had a lot going on this past week, but I have post ideas that I will start to interject between my Mondays. Stay with me! I am still learning this life, just like you.
Also, in other news, I have started a second blog: Little Sister. I have a creative side that needs to release itself into the blogging sphere. Liberez Vous talks about yoga and life… Little Sister talks about arts, crafts, food and other such topics. Hopefully you will like one of them :) Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Monday 5: Yoga Loves

  1. Hey you :)
    I also have a yoga journal for quotes, feelings that come up, ideas I like for teaching someday, etc. but I haven’t tried the yoga tally. You’ve totally inspired me! Good luck with the sister blog!

  2. kestrel, i thought you should know i’m loving your blog. i am now following. i be blog creeping on you friend :) in the least weird way possible. hope you are so good, brenna

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